The Best Way to Clean Your Chicken Coop

The Easy Clean System from Original Amish Coop™

Raising chickens can be messy work. With our easy clean coop options package though, you can make the routine cleaning and maintenance more convenient for you. This package offers several upgrades that will make cleaning out your coop much easier and less time consuming than the standard option. This package includes an epoxy floor, double clean-out lids with litter trays, removable nesting box dividers, and a hinged run clean-out box.

One of the features included in this package is the epoxy  floor.Cleaning is a breeze with this epoxy flooring that is resilient to damage and has a high tolerance for moisture. This smooth surface only has a little texture, making it a much better alternative to a porous wooden floor that will absorb much of the waste chickens leave behind. Save time cleaning up after your flock by getting the epoxy floor option for your coop.

Another feature we have included in this package is our litter tray with a cleanout lid. Instead of having to go through the entire coop and doing extensive cleaning, you can limit where you chickens’ waste goes with these litter trays. Chickens generally dispose of most of their waste while they are roosting, which is why we place these litter trays underneath the roosting bar. We also have a wire mesh which prevents the chickens from sitting in the litter tray and becoming messy. Simply clean out the litter tray once it gets full and then go about your day. Make this part of your weekly coop cleaning and save yourself from work and stress later on.