The Basics Plus Upgrades and Options for You to Ponder

Designer Color & Material Combinations

are Offered in the Home & Garden Villa Model


A wonderfully thoughtful solution designed for backyard chicken keepers.

Our Basic Model is the most affordable. Even so, it includes necessary safety upgrades. We want to make sure your chickens are safe.

The Original is great. It provides safety and convenience that a lot of folks simply love. Think of this coop as a best of, without the upper end upgrades.

Premier Coops are the right choice for complete chicken comfort and safety built-in as do the other models. This package also includes a bunch human convenience features, time saving features and easy clean features. You will notice a style upgrade as well with the charming traditional cupola and weathervane.

Check out all the features in detail below.

Chicken Coop Space per Chicken Chart

Ever wonder just how much space your feathered friends need inside their cozy home? Here is the answer you have been waiting for.

Home & Garden Homestead 16 32
Home & Garden Country Home 12 24
Home & Garden Grande 12 24
Home & Garden Villa 8 16
Home & Garden Veranda 4 8
Home & Garden Townhouse 1 3

The Big Features Chart

We know there is a lot here, so please feel free to get in touch with us if you want to talk it through. For those who just love to get lots of chicken coop features information in a chart - here you go!

Safety Safety Wire Chicken Window Guards SecureWire™ Super SecureWire™ Super SecureWire™
Safety Solar Automatic Chicken Door with Auto Time Changing and 5min Set-Up
Safety Safety Wire on Vent SecureWire™ Super SecureWire™ Super SecureWire™
Safety SecureWire™ Super on Chicken Run (if coop has chicken run)
Safety SecureWire™ Super Under or Around Chicken Run (if coop has chicken run)
Safety Heavy Duty Nesting Box Latches
Safety Keyed Entry Person Door
Appearance Large Copper Top, Painted Cupola
Appearance Copper Weathervane
Keeper Convenience Industrial Grade Solar Light with Light Switch
Keeper Convenience Fitted Egg Rollout Trays for Egg Collecting Ease
Keeper Convenience Extension Cord Port
Keeper Convenience Easy Open Hydraulic Arms on Nesting Boxes
Durability Pressure Treated Legs & Runners
Durability Architectural Shingles with 30 Year Warranty √ Select Models
Durability Tar Paper Used for Architectural Shingle Roofs
Durability Wood Pine Board & Batten Siding or Engineered Wood Panel Siding
Durability Cedar Shakes √ Select Models
Durability Wood Framing
Durability Insulated Metal Roof with 35 year Manufacturer’s Warranty √ Select Models
Easy Clean Floor EPOXY over LP Smart Floor EPOXY over LP Smart Floor LP Smart Floor
Easy Clean Coop Clean-Out Door
Easy Clean Roosting Bar(s) Removable
Easy Clean Cleaning Tray(s) & 2nd Cleaning Door
Easy Clean Sealed 12” High Poly Wall Protector
Four Season Comfort Insulated Roof
Four Season Comfort Gable Vents Deluxe Standard
Four Season Comfort Deluxe Closable Gable Vents
Four Season Comfort Screen Door with Keyed Lock
Four Season Comfort Vent with Door
Four Season Comfort Locking Slider Windows
Four Season Comfort Roof Over Run
Four Season Comfort Heater with Safety Shelf (must use extension cord to plug in)
Four Season Comfort Mounted Fan (must use extension cord to plug in)
Complete Coops Nesting Boxes with Dividers
Complete Coops Nesting Boxes with Removable Poly Dividers
Complete Coops Chicken Door with Latch for Open and Close
Complete Coops Chicken Ramp
Complete Coops Chicken Fun Perch
Complete Coops Person Door on Coop with Keyed Lock
Complete Coops Person Door on Chicken Run with Keyed Lock (if coop has run)
Style A-Frame Coops: Flower Boxes & Shutters

The Price

Free Delivery in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Virginia

Original & Basic Models with Shingle Roof


Just a Solid Coop that

Will Function Wonderfully

and Last for Years


reg. $3,999. sale $3,599
Original & Basic Models with Shingle Roof


More than Basic and Less

than Lux. That Makes it Just

about Zen


reg. $5,799. sale $5,299
Original & Basic Models with Metal Roof

Basic Plus

Exactly What You Need

in a Starter Coop

Safety & Easy Clean

& Budget Friendly


reg. $4,499. sale $4,099
Premier with Cedar Roof


All the Upgrades to Make

You and Your Chickens Smile.

Really 🙂


reg. $8,099. sale $7,299

What the Basic Plus Chicken Coop Includes

Everything the Basic Model Comes with


Epoxy Floor - it is a floor that can be washed instead of scraped

Clean-Out Door - makes the full coop a lot quicker and easier

Removable Roosts - because it is easier to clean them this way

Fitted Rollout Trays - more pleasant and simpler egg collection

Insulated Roof (for Shingles) - keeps the coop cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

Safety Wire Under or Around Chicken Run - this keep burrowing predators out