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Original Amish Coop


Original 7×16 Safe Roost & Play Backyard Chicken Coop

$7,599.00 $6,499.00

in Garden Green with Stone White Trim and an Insulated Metal Roof in Sable

Comfortably Houses 16 to 21 Chickens

This extended run chicken coop offers plenty of safe, outdoor space for your chickens to enjoy.

This large chicken coop and run is in our popular Quaker design that is a favorite of our customers. Offering additional head space for you as you care for your chickens, this warm chicken coop is ideal for those who are unable to withstand bending down for longer periods of time due to a back injury or arthritis. The enclosed run on this large chicken coop gives your chickens a fun place to roam and sun themselves during the day. Being allowed to run about keeps your chickens happy, leading to them increasing their production of eggs.

One of the best chicken coop and run combinations that we offer, this Quaker design will house 16 to 21 chickens comfortably. Ideal for a small family farm operation, this charming quaker design will enhance your home’s landscaping instead of being an eyesore like many old-fashioned models. We know you entrust us with your chickens , so we have built this model to be a safe chicken coop,offering your hens protection from multiple predators. Secure your chickens even more by upgrading to our custom Super Secure package.

Add on our custom packages or options to create the best chicken coop for your situation. This chicken coop and run combination is perfect for large suburban yards or rural settings. Our chicken coops all have a 50 year warranty, so that you can enjoy using your chicken coop for many decades to come.  All of our Amish built chicken coops arrive at your home fully assembled, so that you can settle your chickens into their new home right away.


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Dimensions 204 × 90 × 101 in