Crafted in order to compliment the style of your home or garden, these chicken coops are a functional piece of decor in themselves. Keep your chickens happy in one of our Amish constructed chicken coops. With multiple add ons and style options, you can design the coop that will best meet your needs and we will bring your vision to life for you. Perfect for those who live in urban or suburban settings, our home and garden coop collection has a charming look that will enhance any landscape.
Chickens are actually the perfect animal to keep to support your garden’s growth, which is why our home and garden chicken coop is perfect for the serious gardener. They create a fertilizer that will enrich your soil with nutrients, as well as devouring the produce that doesn’t meet your standards. Incorporate raising chickens into your gardening hobby for a richer, tastier produce yield.
Built from solid wood materials in a time-tested style, our authentic Amish chicken coops built in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, will keep your chickens healthy and happy. We are so sure of the quality of our products we offer a 50 year warranty, so that if anything happens to your coop in that time, we will replace your custom coop for you.  All of our custom Amish built chicken coops come to you fully assembled, so all you have to worry about is getting your chickens settled in their new living area.Enjoy a little bit of the simple life and slow down while you raise chickens in one of our Home and Garden chicken coops.

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