Chicken Coops

The Perfect Chicken Coop for Your Backyard

The Original Amish Coop™ is a chicken coop designed, built and used by the Amish.  Original Amish Coops are hand built by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster county Pennsylvania.  Each Original model is thoughtfully designed based on years of experience with small flocks. These coops were inspired by classic country barns and features a unique roof over hang that is fashionable and functional. This distinct style allows for more head space than most chicken coop designs. Walk-in space in the larger coops makes them a favorite amongst our customers who are more hands-on in the care of their chickens.

You will benefit from the many new features and upgrades included with every Original Amish Coop™. There is nothing more important than the safety of backyard chickens. They become part of the family so keeping their chicken coop predator protected is a very high priority. From the 1/2″ x 1/2″ galvanized vinyl coated SecureWire™ Super we use on our chicken runs and slider windows, to the latches and lock on doors, you can be assured that your chickens will be safe inside their hen house.

Standard Original Amish Coop™ Features Include:

Chicken Coops are Prefabricated – Fully-Built 

Coop Purchase Includes Free or Discounted Delivery, or Rush Delivery in the Contiguous United States

Siding: Painted Engineered Wood Siding with 50 year Manufacturer’s Warranty or Stained Real Wood Board and Batten Siding

Roof: Insulated Architectural Shingle Roof with Tar Paper and 30 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, Insulated Real Red Cedar Shakes, or Insulated Metal Roof with 40 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Chicken Ramp

Roost Bar(s)

Nesting Boxes

Ventilation Door with SecureWire™ Super – Predator Protective, Anti-Rust Wire

Washable Epoxy Floor

Slider Window(s) with Screen and SecureWire™ Super – Predator Protective, Anti-Rust Wire

Person Door with Keyed Lock

Chicken Door

Clean-Out Tray with Clean-Out Door

Pressure Treated Legs and Runners

Pressure Treated Plywood Floor

Interior Electric or Solar Light with Light Switch. Electric Light Includes a Receptacle to Plug Additional Accessories into.

Electric or Solar Automatic Chicken Door

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