Custom Chicken Coops

Choose Everything for Your Backyard Chicken Home

Chicken coops can be customized in a variety of ways. You may simply choose colors from our selection, or we can match colors from your specifications. We can also create a completely custom chicken house from your layout, plan or blueprint. From moving or adding doors and windows to materials used for siding and roofs, we can create the hen house you want for your backyard flock.

Please see the contact us page to get in touch and let us know what kind of coop you are thinking up!


Standard Siding Color & Material Options

Paint & Trim Colors

Here are the engineered wood siding paint and trim colors. Choose one color for siding and one color for trim.

Wood Stain

These are the stain options for wood board & batten siding.

Paint Quality & Maintenance


Our engineered wood siding has a base coat of primer paint and then we add two coats of paint in your color choice.

We use a local paint maker who manufactures high quality outdoor paint. It is likely that your chicken coop will not need to be painted for about 15 years. Painted engineered wood siding is by far a lower maintenance option than wood board & batten siding.

Trim colors for painted coops are different than the siding colors on our coops at no additional cost.

  • Black Paint

    Nightfall Black

  • Dark Gray Paint

    Charcoal Gray

  • Light Gray Paint

    Cement Wash

  • White Paint

    Peak White

  • Rojo Brown

    Rojo Brown

  • Red Paint

    Barn Red

  • Buckskin Paint

    Velvet Tan

  • Clay Paint

    Pottery Gray

  • Cream Paint

    Cottage Yellow

  • Beige Paint

    Edgemont Natural

  • Navajo White Paint

    Almond Beige

  • Navajo White Paint


  • Hunter Green Paint

    Forest Green

  • Avacado Paint

    Designer Green

  • Dark Blue Paint

    Tidal Blue

  • Light Blue Paint

    Bliss Blue

Wood Stain Quality & Maintenance


We stain our board & batten chicken coops with high quality oil-based wood stain.  To maintain the wood siding on your chicken coop, you will to re-apply stain every 3 years or so as needed. We usually compare maintaining board & batten siding to maintaining a deck before Trex. It is also likely that you will need to repel insects as you may find that they will burrow into real wood and make nests.

Note: If you decide to re-stain your coop before the end of the first year of ownership, you will need to sand it down if you are using a water-based stain.

  • natural

    Warm Pines

  • clear


  • brown_cedar

    Honey Cedar

  • cedar

    Country Spice


Standard Roof Color & Material Options

Metal Roof Colors

 Choose one color for metal roof upgrade option.

  • green_metal


  • slate

    Neutral Brown

  • Red Metal

    Lancaster Red

  • white_metal_roof


  • black_metal_roof


Architectural Shingle Colors

Choose one color for shingle roof.

  • charcoal

    Forged Gray

  • nickel_gray

    Silver Gray

  • weather_gray


  • walnut_brown

    Warm Brown

  • forest_green

    Fresh Green

  • cedar_color_shingles_1

    Blue Sky

  • blue_sky_architectural_shingles_for_chicken_coops

    Blue Sky

Cedar Shake Roof

  • cedar_shake

    Red Cedar Shakes